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At Essentia Concierge, we collaborate with highly-skilled, enhanced DBS Checked educational professionals and Private Tutors, Institutes and Mentors for all your Educational needs. Our team can also guide you through the application process for primary, secondary, higher and professional education, ensuring that the school, college or course that is chosen is most suitable for long-term career development and goals.


We fully recognise the importance of top-class education under your child’s belt. We can assist with the applications or admissions for your Independent Schools, Universities, and Specialist Colleges. Our team can provide research on your choices of schools to assist you in making the right choice of school for your child.

At Essentia Concierge, we offer bespoke education consultancy for parents designed to source the most appropriate educational solutions for their children. We also provide first-class advice for parents in matters of school and university course selection; we recognise the importance of school or college selection and aim to understand your children’s needs first-hand.


If it is higher education that you are looking for, our team are uniquely positioned to secure the best educational choices for clients and their families. Being based in England enables us to understand the intricacies of education in the UK; with an impeccable reputation, we have developed relationships with the leading universities in the country.

Our team at Essentia Concierge can also assist with choosing a school, college, or even a university course based on your preferences, location, financial situation or future career plans. We can provide assistance with interview preparation for the best universities in the country, such as Oxford or Cambridge. We can dedicate time to find the complete set of documents required for your son or daughter’s admission, as well as expert support at every stage of the application process.


There has been a considerate increase for home or remote learning services with current circumstances. At Essentia Concierge, we can help charter a schedule suitable to your child and individual family routines. We can book remote learning services which fit around your family’s routine and lifestyle with minimal fuss or hassle. If you are looking to enroll your child at summer school for a day or a month or even a residential trip, we can arrange that for you.


Would you like to take an adult learning course? No problem, we can sort that out for you too. Would you like us to source a Limited Edition book or transcript for you or a loved one? No problem, consider it done. At Essentia Concierge, we have extensive experience in assisting people who are considering adult learning or professional education, ensuring that they make the right choice and help with enrolment.


We want to provide the best possible service to our clients, so if you have any questions, please get in touch with Essentia Concierge today. You can call us on 07384 666747 or 020 3976 6657; alternatively, you can email us at

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